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Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services

At AAA Sew Vac East we take pride in everything we sell and repair. Our expert technicians can repair any vacuum cleaner you bring in. We understand that a vacuum cleaner is an investment and when something goes wrong, you want it to be resolved as quickly as possible. Many times people make the mistake of replacing a perfectly good vacuum when it stops performing, but sometimes a simple part replacement is all it needs. You can bring yours in today and we’ll give you a free estimate on repair.

Common Problems & Repairs

Vacuum cleaners can have many problems and they often overlap, causing additional damage to the vacuum if not fixed immediately. If your vacuum is experiencing any of the problems below, bring your vacuum into our store or contact us for a free estimate.

  • Weak suction or trouble picking things up - Poor suction may be caused by the brush roller not spinning properly, a broken or damaged belt or even a full vacuum bag. If no visible issues are occurring with the roller or belt, we will need to disassemble the vacuum in order to check the internal parts.

  • Foul odor or burning smell - If your vacuum smells bad it could be because a belt is worn or broken and causing internal friction or it could be from a clogged filter or overfilled vacuum bag.

  • Loss of Power - Your vacuum cleaner losing power could mean an issue with the motor overheating, debris caught in the internals of the vacuum, or a blocked intake valve.

  • Brush roller doesn’t spin - This is typically related to a belt problem, but can sometimes be caused by too much hair and debris being caught on the roller.

  • Noisy or vibrating - A noisy or vibrating vacuum typically has an issue with the drive motor or fan. While a loose fan/motor will still allow your vacuum to be used, you should get it fixed to prevent additional damage.

  • Difficulty moving - If your vacuum cannot be pushed around easily then it might be an issue with your base plate or the wrong height level for the surface you’re vacuuming. Occasionally a misaligned drive belt could also create this issue.

How Long Do Vacuum Cleaners Last?

Longevity is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vacuum. The vacuum cleaners we carry in store are from reputable brand names like Miele and are known to last 10-20 years while generic vacuums could break within a year of your purchase. Prolonging the life of your vacuum cleaner comes down to how well you maintain and service it. If you’re having issues with your vacuum cleaner, contact us for a free estimate.

What Brands Do We Repair?

We can repair any brand of vacuum, including the following:



  • SEBO




















Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance 

Maintaining your vacuum cleaner isn’t too difficult but can lead to a lower lifespan if it’s not done. Some of the easiest vacuum cleaner maintenance tips include:

  • Clean The Attachments - Once a month or before storing the vacuum for extended periods of time, use a cloth to clear any dirt or debris from the case, hoses and attachments. 

  • Regularly Check for Blockages - Blockages can overheat the motor and cause damage that could lead to costly repairs. Occasionally check the beater bar as well as all intake and exhaust ports for obstructions.

Empty Vacuum Bags - Vacuum cleaner bags need to be emptied or replaced frequently. Suction and airflow can be reduced significantly when you have a full bag.

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